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Anteros 36


Introducing an all new concept in sailing, encompassing the strength and performance of carbon fibre and the race wining design of Andrej Justin. The all new Anteros 36 is a completely versatile yacht that can be cruised comfortably with the family while still allowing the agility and performance you need to enjoy intense sailing.


The Anteros 36 project was conceived as a challenge to make a fast sports sailing yacht which will suit the requirements of regatta participants as well as provide comfort for holiday sailing with family or friends. The prerequisites for a successful implementation of such a concept were a hydro-dinamically sound hull shape contributed by nautical architect Andrej Justin, the technology of vacuum infusion of carbon fibres mastered in Anteros, and a concept of interior arrangement and equipment layout developed by a crew of seasoned yachtsmen. Let us point out that the yacht is exacting for handling, not really suitable for beginners, while the more experienced yachtsmen will certainly experience a rush of adrenalin.

Anteros 36 may raise certain questions in your mind; we can provide the answers to any such questions and reasons for why Anteros 36 is as it is - dynamic, thrilling, exacting, ...

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