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  Anteros 36

  Explore the design by Andrej Justin and the experience of the makers of Maxi Jena implemented in the regatta cruiser Anteros 36.

Introducing an all new concept in sailing, encompassing the strength and performance of carbon fibre and the race wining design of Andrej Justin. The all new Anteros 36 is a completely versatile yacht that can be cruised comfortably with the family while still allowing the agility and performance you need to enjoy intensive sailing.


  Anteros 44

  Indulge in Anteros 44 an upgrade to Anteros 36, which offers even enhanced riding and living pleasures.


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Why is Anteros 36 a unique yacht?

  • Hi-tech product
  • Combination of regatta and cruising yacht
  • Made totally of carbon fibres, yacht weight only 3.5 t
  • Outstanding speed and easy steering